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Hubei Winning Law Firm was established in 1984. It is merged into by former Hubei Provincial Fourth Law Firm, former Hubei Provincial Maritime Law Firm of Foreign Affairs and former Hubei Tian Ji Law Firm. Later it was reformed to a provincial partnership law firm. It has been awarded as advanced collectives during a theme activity of “Legal services and legal aid for building a harmonious socialist society”, Hubei Provincial Top 10 Law Firms and Hubei Provincial Youth Civilization Unit.

Hubei Winning Law Firm is a governing unit of Bar Association of Hubei Province, Vice-chairman Unit of the branch directly under Bar Association of Hubei Province, governing unit of Labor and Social Security of Hubei Province, governing unit of Arbitration Law Seminar of Hubei Provincial Law Society. We now have approximate 100 staff comprising of professional lawyers, paralegals and paraprofessional personals, among whom there are representatives of National Lawyer Congress, legal counsel of provincial Party committee of legal visit joint reception center, legal counsel for provincial government, legal counsel for provincial Chinese People ’ s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), member of CPPCC, arbitrator of Arbitration Commission of Wuhan and arbitrator of Labor Arbitration Commission. Hubei Winning Law Firm has a clear-cut assignment of responsibility and is abundant in legal talents, including talents for services of financing, real estates, company act, transportation & logistics, labor arbitration, right infringement, criminal defense and marriage & family. Hubei Winning Law Firm adopts full OA, and is sound in system of service standardization and team-work. Hubei Winning Law Firm commits to providing professional, quality and efficient legal service for customers.

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Hubei Winning Law Firm List of major customers and brief introduction of major projects

As a comprehensive law firm in Hubei, we can provide legal services in transport and logistics, real estate development, constructional engineering, intellectual property, financial securities, insurance, human resources management, product liability and tort, contract and other aspects.

Our main customers include China Changjiang National Shipping (Group) Corporation, China ChangJiang Bunker (Sinopec) Co., Ltd, Hubei Human Resources and Social Security Department, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Hubei Provincial People's Government, Hubei Provincial Politics and Law Committee Legal and Litigation Involved Reception Centre, China Southern Airlines Company Limited Hubei Branch, Hubei Xinhua Bookstore Group, CSR Yangtze Rolling Stock Co., Ltd, Wuhan Supply and Marketing Cooperatives, HanKou Bank, Wuhan Double Co., Ltd, Bo'er Yatai (Hubei) Metal Container Co., Ltd, National Family Magazines, Wuhan Rongqiao Real Estate Development Company, Zhejiang Ming Jewelry Co., Ltd Wuhan Branch, Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd. Wuhan Branch, Wuhan Hongren Group Ltd, Wuhan Zhongnan Trademark Office Co., Ltd, Wuhan Fengfan Chemical Co., Ltd., Wuhan Sino-German Far East Chemical Industry Co., Ltd, Hubei Radio and Television Station Chutian Traffic Radio (FM927 and FM107.8), Wuhan broadcasting station Traffic Radio (FM89.6), Sina Wuhan, Wuhan Taxicab and Livery Association, Wuhan Road Transport Association, Wuhan Dongxihu District Tuoluokou Large Market Logistics Association, Hubei Provincial Foreign Affairs Service Centre (subordinate unit of Provincial Foreign Affairs Office), Hubei International Travel Health Care Centre (unit directly under Provincial Inspection and Quarantine Bureau), Administration of Radio Film and Television of Hubei, Changjiang Publishing Group Chongwen Publishing House, Hubei Masses Art Centre, Wuhan Railway Bureau Jiuzhou Hotel, Hospital of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd, etc.

Representative projects undertaken by us include:
1. Sichuan Suining Jiankun Commercial Logistics City (1. 4 million square meters, with total construction area of about 3 million square meters, and with a total investment of about 7.5 billion yuan) first and second grade development affairs;
2. Wuhan Cailintou Village Town in City comprehensive reconstruction project (with total construction area of 1,168,500 square meters);
3. Xiangfan "Zhonglian Optics Valley City" project transfer dispute (subject of litigation is 160 million yuan)
4. Supreme People's Court "Wuhan Boxue Huafu project" joint development dispute retrial. (Subject matter of litigation reached 100 million yuan)
5. Case concerning compulsory dissolution of Wuhan Jingke Information Co., Ltd (the first case concerning compulsory dissolution of sino-foreign joint venture in Wuhan)
6. Corporate system reform affairs of Changjiang National Shipping Group Shanghai Enterprise Development Corporation;
7. Staff placement affairs in restructuring of Hubei Xinhua Bookstore Group;
8. Pilot labor disputes of China Southern Airlines Company Limited Hubei Branch;
9. NPL recovery cases in HanKou Bank;
10. Development and demonstration of China Construction Bank "ICBC" financing program;
11. Wuhan Carbon Fund project;
12. Sichuan Guorui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd and Chibi Second People's Hospital medical indemnity and drug product quality damages aggregation case reheard by Hubei Provincial Higher People's Court;
13. Case concerning Guanmu village sued Xiaogan City Fuchong Shopping Plaza for copyright infringement;
14. Case concerning Shanghai Animation Film Studio sued Wang Chao, Changchun Yuanfang Industrial Group Co., Ltd and China Youth Audiovisual Press for copyright infringement;
15. Case concerning Art Editor Mr /Miss Dai of Hubei People's Publishing House sued Henan Country Agriculture Farmers Magazine for copyright infringement;
16. Patent infringement case of Wuhan Rongqiao Real Estate Development Company and Guangzhou Jinpeng Industry Co., Ltd;
17. Case concerning disclosure of trade secrets and copyright infringement of WuHan Rayzone Education Management Co., Ltd, Yincheng and a company of Shanghai;
18. Case concerning copyright and personal right infringement Wuhan Yangtze Cruise Co., Ltd and Lu Jin;
19. Photo copyright infringement case filed by China International Travel Service (Wuhan) International Travel Service Co., Ltd, Changjiang Daily Press Group and Beijing Panorama Stock Photos Co., Ltd.
20. Hubei Traffic laws Advice Centre in the charge of us has handled more than one thousand traffic accident damage disputes and vehicle insurance contract disputes of various types in recent 10 years. We have established a good interactive relationship with Traffic Police Department in charge of road traffic accidents, judicial authentication institutions, price assessment agencies, insurance companies and Civil Trial Chamber I of Hubei People's Courts at all levels.
21. Hubei Labor laws Advice Centre in the charge of us has handled nearly 10 thousand labor disputes in more than 10 years, and we are the most authoritative legal service agency for labor cases in Hubei.

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